Three parents. So What?

It’s amazing what some people will get all riled up about.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that a child can have three parents. Specifically, the lesbian partner of the birth mother is now Mom Number Two. Apparently the three now-parents were already raising the child together, so all the ruling does is give legal recognition to reality.

Yes, it’s something of a grey area whether or not the courts have the power to make that kind of decision. The solution is for the government (whichever level has the authority) to modify the law to recognize these kinds of families. All the government would be doing is giving these parents solid legal ground on which to raise their children.

Yet, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (“NAMBLA”) is acting as if this is just one more piece of the sky falling. They reiterate a plea for a Royal Commission on “the Future of the Family”… because when you seriously want to get something done in Canada, and fast, everyone’s first thought is “Royal Commission.”

This all seems a bit like the gay marriage brouhaha. Legislation recognizing gay marriage doesn’t create gay couples. There are already gay couples. It just gives them the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.

There are already three-parent families, except only two of the parents are legal guardians. This legal ruling (and eventually, legislation) will make three-parent families better families. It is no threat to “traditional marriage,” however that is defined.


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