Lip Service

The most distasteful thing about majority governments is that they are essentially 4-year dictatorships. Excepting something so outrageous it drives the Governor General to use his or her significant but unused powers, there is nothing standing between a majority government and it’s agenda.

This is why it should come as a breath of fresh air when a minority government radically changes it’s policy to better suit the electorate, as the Conservatives have been frantically trying to do regarding the environment.

But it does not.

The Conservatives are only paying lip service to the environment, and normally this would be more than enough. As Michael Ignatieff said about toppling Saddam Hussein, “if good results had to wait for good intentions, we would have to wait forever.” The thing is, the other parties are either paying exceptional lip service, or good intentions and good results are actually lining up.

Every other party (or at least the leader) had cast itself as green long before the Conservatives identified the environment as a path to their own 4-year dictatorship. So if you’re concerned about the environment (and everyone’s been saying lately they are) you should vote that way. We shouldn’t settle for half-measures when the other parties are offering the real deal.

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