When it rains…

… it pours.

Not only is my laptop broken, but my nearly-new iPod Shuffle was on the fritz! It was freezing up iTunes, unable to read the music I put on it (when I could even get the music to copy) and giving me the amber-green flash of death. Today I couldn’t even get iTunes to recognize it as an iPod.

I’ve been googling like crazy trying to find the answer to my problem. I even searched through the Apple site and found a potential solution – the Reset Utility – for Mac users only.

Without much hope but no other options, I skimmed the Wikipedia entry on the Shuffle and discovered – lo! – there is a version of the Reset Utility for Windows users too! I eventually found a page on the Apple site pretty much identical to the first page I visited, except it had two links: one for Mac and on for Windows.

So I’ve installed it, iTunes recognizes the Shuffle again, and we’ll see if I can load music onto it.

Fingers are crossed!


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