Hi, I’m a Liberal

On a shoe-string budget, the Young Liberals have released three attack ads emulating the I’m-a-Mac-I’m-a-PC ads.

The global warming ad (embedded below) is the best of the three. It cuts down the Conservatives without making the Liberals look like jerks, and it’s (relatively) well written and acted.

If the Liberals ever get their act together as a party and start some serious fundraising, I think they should consider producing the cross-dressing ad more professionally. It has a lot of potential. The synopsis in the Toronto Star made me laugh. The actual ad, not so much.

In the third ad, the guy is sporting a wig, lipstick and the same blazer as the woman and claims to be a Liberal too. He tugs uncomfortably at his clothes and finally confesses: “I’m ripping it off as soon as I get a majority.”

You can watch a clearer version of all the ads at the Young Liberals website.


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