With Styrofoam From China

What’s the deal with Chinese farmers and styrofoam? Whenever we get boxes of apples or pears (more frequently every year) the fruit comes wrapped in it’s own individual styrofoam netting, sandwiched between layers of styrofoam trays. To top it all off, the whole box is lined with a box-shaped plastic bag.

Not only is it inconvenient to unwrap each apple one-by-one, we have to throw all the packaging out. Fruit from other countries – the US or Chile, for example – comes packed between layers of cardboard trays, which we can recycle.

Just an observation. I don’t have any theories about why this is. Hopefully there is no lead in the packaging. Or the fruit. There have been an awful lot of quality issues out of China lately.

Another observation: Whoever wrote out the “Product of China” sign did so in pink rather than the usual white. A commentary on the state of Chinese communism, or somebody simply couldn’t find the white marker?


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