New Bond Title Revealed!


Quantum of Solace? How odd.

Since this movie is going to pick up where Casino Royale left off, I doubt it will be very faithful to Fleming’s Quantum of Solace. And let’s hope not. A quick google reveals that it “has Bond attending a boring dinner party in Nassau.

“Quantum” probably has something to do with those newfangled computers that could hypothetically break any code. Imagine what an evil-doer could get up to with one of those babies! Gold, diamonds, nuclear weapons – all he has to do it walk up to the vault and it’s his for the taking.

As an added bonus, a quanta is the smallest possible division of energy, so it could be a measure of how much solace our poor Bond gets from avenging his true love’s death. (Tangentially, this is also where the airline Qantas gets its name, as airline seats are the smallest physical space in which a human can be shoehorned.)

It’s not a very  satisfying name, as Bond titles go. But when you’re starved for another installment in the series like I am, every little bit helps.

Quantum of Solace is set to open November 7, 2008.

[photo] Jay Maidment/Sony Pictures


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