Eventually Every Wall Falls

A friendly reminder from the Government of Canada arrived in the mail today about the documentation required to enter the United States.

By land or sea, Canadian citizens need to have a driver’s licence plus a birth certificate (or equivalent documentation) or a passport. Only a passport will suffice if flying by air.

It’s a strange world when travel between two countries that have never been to war (or not for at least 200 years, depending on how your perspective) is getting more difficult, but the movement of people on the 20th century’s bloodiest continent is nearly unrestrained.

Even if you are worried about the hegemony of American culture on the continent (or a deluge of handguns into Canadian cities), it’s hard to deny that the future will probably see greater freedom of movement for people in North America. It’s not truly free trade if goods but not services can cross borders.

Someday, maybe sooner than it seems, the Americans will get over their terror and get on with trade and travel.

[photo] “A Wall graffitto of olden times has come true” by Frederik Ramm


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