“Surgite” (press on) may have been the dying words of Upper Canadian war-hero Isaac Brock. The eponymous, middling univeristy which I attend has appropriated this rarity in Canadian history – heroic mythology – and wrung it of any genuine heroism.

But enough of my whining and pretentious criticism – as if I didn’t Google half of that. It’s not what I sat down to talk about.

A serious underestimation of how long two projects would take meant that I had to press on Thursday night, battling sleepiness, boredom, and APA style. It’s less heroic than repelling an American invasion, but at least I wasn’t fatally wounded. (I didn’t get a monument built in my memory either…)

In case you too have to suffer as I did, here is part of the wakeful playlist that helped me get through the night:

Kanye West – Stronger

Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground

Band from TV – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Melajube – Montréal -40°C

Arctic Monkeys – The Bad Thing

The Saint Alvia Cartel – Don’t Wanna Wait Forever

Moondog with Orchestra – Stamping Ground

I know “Stronger’ is so six-months ago, but this is a keep-me-awake playlist, not a let’s-fall-asleep-but-at-least-I’ll-have-blog-cred playlist.

“Stamping Ground” can be found on the soundtrack of The Big Lebowski. Speaking of soundtracks, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” came with the House soundtrack.

One song I wish I could have listened to is the new one from LCD Soundsystem. It didn’t even occur to me to listen to Sounds of Silver, which is a shame. I could have put in an extra hour of work.

[photo] “280” by jan_postma


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