Ghosts I-IV

Nine Inch Nails has released the album Ghosts I-IV, 36 tracks of instrumental goodness.

You can download the first nine tracks for free from the NIN website. No doubt the entire album can be found in darker corners of the Internet as well. If you have a heavy wallet and a conscience to match, there are a range of ordering options, from $5 to download the album to $300 for the (sold out) Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition Package.

Ghosts I-IV has the same dystopian, Blade Runneresque feel common to all NIN, but at the same time it’s very different from hits like The Hand That Feeds or Capital G, which might be the only exposure most people have had to NIN. Judging by the free tracks, I doubt there will be much radio play.

Despite the absence of pop hooks or, less painfully, fashionable politics, you should still give it a listen.


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