Anything else is ego.


The National Post wants to know: Is Feist Still Indie? Worse still, they ask it smugly, because they are the first people to come up with that clever question.

Three out of five hipsters agree, she is not.

But scroll down; and an anonymous poster knows better:

“Anyone who cares whether or not your (sic) ‘indie’ certainly isn’t indie. If the music is good, listen to it, if not, don’t. Anything else is ego.”

The indie music scene is truly a vicious place. It breeds thousands of endearingly quirky bands with their unconventional instruments and organic argyle sweaters who are pretty much designed for an iPod commercial. But as soon as they make a buck, the bloggers, graphic novelists, and Web 2.0-ers (or whoever decides which bands have cred) tear them to pieces.

“Oh, my mother likes Feist! I threw out her record before she got to ‘four’ in her iPod ad.”

Musicians don’t have to be poor to be good. Even though most corporately-backed music is engineered to be inoffensive pablum, popular success should not preclude indie credibility.

[photo] “Feist 11/26/05” by toniluca


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