Hovercraft arriving - 3 by fidothe

A Toronto company has proposed to revive the marine crossing between Toronto and Rochester. Hover Transit says it can have – get this – a hovercraft up and running for $10 million.

Presumably $10 million is just to prime the operational pumps, because that’s about how much the City of Rochester lost trying to save the last Lake Ontario crossing, The Breeze catamaran.

If Hover Transit gets the go-ahead, both cities will have to sink some serious money into promoting themselves on the other side of the lake. I can’t speak to Toronto’s image in Rochester, but Rochester is not on the radar in Toronto.

At 75 minutes for a crossing, the hovercraft would bring Toronto and Rochester closer together than Rochester and Syracuse or Toronto and Waterloo.

Ideally, the federal governments would play some role in keeping this border crossing viable. We don’t usually expect a bridge to pay for itself entirely with tolls because the economic benefits more than outweigh the cost of building and maintaining the structure. The same principle should apply to this hovercraft.

Hovercraft transit frim makes bid to revive Toronto-Rochester ferry – Globe and Mail

Rochester Ferry Revival – Eye Weekly

[photo] “Hovercraft arriving – 3” by fidothe


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