Military on Tory dole

AR2008-Z140-02 by lafrancevi

Our compassionate Conservative government has announced a plan to give the military stable, long-term funding so it “can answer the call in the face of future threats.” The 20-year plan is expected to cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $30 billion.

As an attitude toward governance and life generally, I wholeheartedly support our heartless leaders. Departments and ministries should be able to plan for the future with some certainty. Though the Prime Minister might disagree, the same applies to people: When the economy is rough or life deals you a bad hand we should get a hand up from our government.

That said, the numbers don’t seem very generous. Maybe the Tories have an aversion to welfare even when the penniless bum is Our Heroic Military. A billion dollars doesn’t go very far these days; It’s around how much we’re set to spend this year in Afghanistan. The government won’t tell us exactly how and when that money will be spent – something about keeping contractors honest – but I’m betting the bulk of the money won’t be spent for a few years. That’s just how governments work.

I suppose in a world of nearly 7 billion people, it doesn’t really matter how well we fund a military of 70,000 people. We may have to settle for repelling the Danes from Hans Island instead of civilizing central Asia.

[photo] “AR2008-Z140-02” by lafrancevi


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