Roundabouts too confusing for St. Catharines

It looks like there probably won’t be a roundabout at 4th and 3rd – consultants say drivers would find it unfamiliar.

I sometimes wonder if people know what a roundabout is. It seems as if many people’s only exposure to roundabouts was when Chevy Chase got stuck in one in the movie European Vacation.

Roundabouts are not beyond the skills of Ontario drivers. There were 11 intersections of this type in the Region of Waterloo as of last year. According to Waterloo’s handy website, roundabouts are safer than signalled intersections, improve fuel economy, and can handle increased traffic volumes. And if you still aren’t convinced, they have a nifty flash animation to show you how it works.

St. Catharines can handle it. We’re up for the challenge.


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