An Insomiac Works Out His Problems on Paper

I took an intensive course this spring which postponed any opportunities for me to find employment until this month.  In addition to a job hunt, I’m working on a big paper and presentation for the beginning of July, about two weeks away.

I haven’t been sleeping well, and contrary to popular belief, a student can’t get by with minimal energy and attention. I’m making slow progress, which is stressful, which leads to more sleepless nights. Which further slows my progress.

And nobody will hire me. Not that I want a job right now. I am enjoying writing this paper and would like to put my full energies into it. But I need to pay the rent and buy groceries. And it’s going to be a long July and August if I don’t find something to occupy my time after all this schoolwork is finished.

Tonight, my third fully sleepless night (not consecutively, thank goodness), I may have come up with a two-pronged solution:

  1. No more worrying about insomnia. If I need to sleep until two in the afternoon and write until two in the morning, so be it. Students don’t have to operate during banker’s hours, and I’m probably doing more harm than good by trying.
  2. I have some money set aside for school from a previous job and grandparent contributions. I was reluctant to touch it over the summer, but since my unemployment is very much the result of a spring course, I think I can justify dipping into the reserves. Also, it’s not like I’ve blown all my money on alcohol – mostly just rent and food. And an awfully pricey bus pass (still cheaper than a car).

It feels good to have the figured out. I can feel the tension melt away.

It’s another matter altogether if it will stand up in the light of day. For now, though, sleep.


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