Polaris Music Prize

At the Polaris Prize shortlist announcement.

The shortlist for 2008’s Polaris Prize is out:

Black Mountain – In The Future

Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue

Basia Bulat – Oh, My Darling

Stars – In Our Bedroom After The War

Caribou – Andorra

Shad – The Old Prince

Kathleen Edwards – Asking For Flower

Two Hours Traffic – Little Jabs

Holy Fuck – LP

The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour

Are you surprised? There are a couple nominees I didn’t expect to see. Somehow I have never heard of Kathleen Edwards, and her Wikipedia entry suggests she doesn’t deserve my ignorance. The same goes for Shad.

My knowledge of Cancon doesn’t have the breadth, let along the depth, that I sometimes like to imagine.

Having said that, I can vouch for the excellentness of Stars, Caribou, Holy Fuck, and The Weakerthans. Finding out more about the other artists will make an excellent task for after I have my wisdom teeth pulled in a few weeks.

You can hear samples from all the artists in a special Polaris-themed Radio 3 Podcast. Have I told you lately how wonderful the CBC is?

[photo] “DSC_3465” by David Topping


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