“Thousands of Semi-Literate Tirades”

The Internet is a fantastic tool that has changed our world, ultimately, for the better. But I can’t help empathizing with the besieged critic who wrote critically (gasp!) about Dark Knight.

My summary of a block quote (this is the Internet, after all) is that he said Dark Knight isn’t really the amazing movie people are making it out to be, and it’s actually kind of monotonous.

Of course, thousands of people with nothing better to do (again, the Internet) swamped his inbox with angry letters. “How dare he question the awesomeness of a masterpiece such as Dark Knight?” they asked. “This man, whose only authority comes from standing on the false pedestal of the MSM! If I were a paid movie critic, I could write criticisms many times better. Dark Knight deserves nothing less than five stars out of four! We can do that, because this is the Internet and all things are possible!”

OK, I made that quote up. But I bet “MSM” was thrown around far too often. Crazy people on the Internet like that acronym.

I saw Dark Knight tonight. It was beyond awesome, in my opinon, but I don’t begrudge the critics theirs.

The Internet has changed the world more for better than worse. I love all the information at my fingertips and don’t know how I would get by in work or play without it. At the same time, all the people with keyboard rage (Is there a less lame word for this yet?) frequently give me pause. I wonder if these are the same people who perpetrate road rage? A lot of folks need to calm down and grow up.

Thanks for induging my own semi-literate tirade.


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