Why so serious?

I only meant to comment on the hidden liberal agenda of Dark Knight but I’ve been sidetracked.

The post which makes these allegations, found through the Dark Knight tag, is from a blog called That’s Right Nate.

It’s a blog by somebody who purports to be a conservative American, but the posts almost sound like a Colbertian caricature. It is very well written by a pretty even tempered person. At the same time, the author’s attitudes toward things like race or personal character are… well, it’s hard to describe. I suppose you could call them old.

Some quotes for illustrative purposes:

The best part of the trip was our tourguide–a young black boy who was friendly if not always well-informed.  We had a great discussion about how the Republican party was the better party for African-Americans and how Barack Obama would be the worse thing that could happen to his people.  I think he learned a lot that will help him make an informed choice in November.

[On John McCain’s penchant for off-colour jokes] One of the reasons that John McCain is able to make comments like this and call Hillary Clinton a bitch or his wife a cunt is because John McCain is a sophisticated guy.  You can actually picture him showing up at a bar in his bomber jacket and picking out the girl he’s going to sleep with that night.

What America needs is a flexible candidate like John McCain who is steadfast and strident in his flexibility.  McCain didn’t hesitate to co-opt Obama’s policy on Afghanistan and make it his own, yet at the same time while Obama would bring troops from Iraq, McCain wouldn’t interfere with our success in Iraq and would get the 3 brigades needed to sure up Afghanistan from some as yet unspecified location.  To me that’s leadership.

Whatever happenned to walking injuries off?  Nowadays, you break a bone and right away you want an expensive cast and if you’re in pain–you need a $50 perscription for pain relievers.  A $12 bottle of Jack Daniels won’t do anymore.  Whine, whine, whine.  Where are my benefits?  If we really want to get health care costs under control then let’s get the winers under control

link, link, link, link

I wouldn’t normally blog this, especially after my tirade about tirades and the general incivility of electronic discourse, but I’m afraid if I leave a comment on his blog it will be misinterpreted as hostile, especially since my question boils down to “Are you joking? Seriously?”

So what do you think? I ask this question with genuine curiosity, not as an excuse to attack another blogger. Is this an example of clever blogging by someone critical of the right, or the living embodiment of the conservative stereotype?


4 responses to “Why so serious?

  1. thatswrongnate

    what to say about nate? i rip on almost every one of his posts. he’s not the cleverest of dudes, which makes me think he’s colbertian. but, in case he’s not, i throw out a normal person’s viewpoint (often laced with snarkiness)….

  2. Even though I disagree with most of what he says, I think I’ll continue reading it.

    Either it’s unrecognized humour or a “unique” point of view from the right. It’s like I’ve stumbled across the blog of a Frenchman who wears a beret and eats baguettes. What does this man, who I didn’t think existed in reality, have to say?

  3. thatsrightnate

    I must say I am less than fond of being compared to the French.

  4. It was the first thing that came to mind, though I can see now how that was poorly thought out.

    My own opinion is that the politics are clumsy propaganda or realistically messy (e.g. the cell phone surveillance is explicitly bad but necessary to catch the joker) and probably an afterthought to all the psychological thrills. I left the theatre feeling more like I had watched Silence of the Lambs than Independence Day.

    But you are not alone! Have you read the bit in WSJ about Batman and Bush being the same in a good way? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121694247343482821.html?mod=opinion_main_commentaries

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