Free Parking

The TTC is considering ending free parking privileges for Metropass holders at its parking lots.

Each morning TTC parking lots fill quickly, mostly with Metropass drivers. This means the TTC is not getting much funding to pay for the maintenance of parking facilities (let alone their improvement). By charging for all parking at TTC lots, they expect to gain several million dollars in parking fees and lose a couple million dollars in ridership, for a net gain around $3 – 4 million.

You can check out some reasoned comments at the Metronauts blog and following the Toronto Star article, though there are some crazies to wade through in the latter.

My own view is that, given the circumstances, the TTC would be right to charge for all parking.

  1. Use of TTC parking is not presently limited by demand; it’s limited by the size of the parking lots.
  2. It is difficult to find a parking spot during the day, between the morning and afternoon rushes.
  3. The TTC probably shouldn’t be sinking resources into this park-and-ride business anyway. This is more the job of GO Transit.

So by charging for parking, the TTC will hopefully make the business of operating parking lots more economically sustainable, increase parking availability through the day (though I have my doubts here), and shift some of the riders to local services or GO Transit.

[photo] “a parking lot” by bradleygee


3 responses to “Free Parking

  1. just stupid…

    Why can’t the gov’t start charging for people coming into the downtown core and push that back to infrastructure like all other large cities??

    Just stupid,

    I for one will start driving to work if this happens..

  2. I have to agree that it’s not an ideal solution to Toronto’s (or regional) transportation problems, but it probably won’t hurt the big picture.

  3. worthwhile to bookmark, thanks

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