And I approve this message.

There is no escaping political ads.

Watching the American networks out of Buffalo, we are bludgeoned with dozens of ads for from people jockeying for what I suspect is every public sector job from President to mailman deliveryperson. Judges, district attorneys, Senators – It’s overwhelming. All of the ads fall into two categories: “I am a saintly person running for public office,” or “My opponent is the Spawn of Satan and here is why.”

But there’s no relief from the Canadian networks. The Conservatives are so awash with money I saw glowing ads about Steven Harper at each break during The Daily Show and Colbert Report. A waste because, first, there is nobody watching The Daily Show who might be swayed to vote Conservative, and second, Harper is not going to win an election on his personality.

I can forgive the Americans for their insufferable ads because their election process is a national quirk, like the rude French or the alcoholic Russians. I will not, however, rest until Canadians are free from badly acted and obscenely transparent political ads.


Calgary Grit has an analysis of the Tory ad – with the YouTube video and everything!

UPDATE September 4

Paul Wells: “I’m pretty sure the Liberals have nothing in their kitty to counter the first recorded appearance of Stephen Harper in a cuddly sweater vest.”


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