Bones to pick with Metrolinx

In response to the leaked details of Metrolinx’s plan for GTAH transportation:

An Eglinton “metro” is unneccesary and expensive. Ridership estimates do not justify its construction, the province’s tight finances suggest it will either not be built or come at the expense of more worthy projects, and framing it as a high-speed link between Scarborough and the airport ignores the primary role GO is supposed to play in regional transportation.

The plan also includes over 4000 km of new roads. I hope that number includes things like additional lanes because otherwise these new roads could stretch one tenth of the way around the world (or Anchorage, Alaska). Do we really need to build Highway 404 up to Lake Simcoe, or push the 407 halfway to Peterborough? It’s one thing to build expressways to far-flung cities like Sudbury, but quite another to encourage further urban sprawl to the edge of the Green Belt and beyond.

I am glad there is an agency with a mandate to integrate and improve transportation in the GTAH, but I suspect Metrolinx is motivated in part by more than just a desire for quality transportation.

(photo source)


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