The New Two

I finally have time to sit down and listen to some Brand New Radio Two.

Intending to sit down from the beginning of the Radio 2 Drive program, I immediately discovered that my wireless connection wasn’t up to snuff, and my LAN cable is out of commission (strangled to death in a closed window).

So I stole my roommate’s cable.

My ears were immediately treated to Gonzales with “Working Together” (video embedded below). This bodes well.

As I write this I’ve been listening for less than a half hour, but my impression is that R2 Drive is like a softer, more mature version of the online-only but cool and eclectic Radio 3. Though I still think that Radio 3 deserves to be broadcast on the real radio alongside One and Two, R2 Drive is the next best thing.

CBC Radio 2 has been making a slow transition from an Opera For Farmers model (to the distress of some) to something more resembling BBC Radio 2, with a focus on contemporary music and drawing a sizable audience. Noble as the old Radio 2 was, the ratings were appalling to the point where even this occasional listener and self-confessed tax-and-spend liberal was asking himself,  “Is it worth the cost?”

My only reservation, based on what I’ve heard and read, is that the hosts still sound like they are introducing Canon in D instead of Solomon Burke or Two Hours Traffic. I’m not looking for mindless DJ jabbering but musically inclined guests might be nice. It’s just a suggestion, not a deal breaker.

I welcome the New Two if only for R2 Drive. Hopefully I will get a change to hear the morning program soon.


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