Monday Infatuations

Since nothing too interesting has happened on the election front yet, I will share with you two things that I am presently enamoured with, to the point that I suspect it can’t last.

Mad Men

God knows how I managed to not even hear about this series for a year. I’ve been catching up on the first season so I can join season two in progress, and all I want to do is start smoking and wearing suits and holding outdated opinions about women and seat belts.

Even if you aren’t interested in the soap opera (thought that is half the fun) it’s interesting to look at this detailed recreation of 1960. Have you seen the exhibit at the ROM about the history of European homes? It’s like that, but with sex.

The opening credits, visually and musically, are also awesome.

You can watch it all online at, though I suspect you have to be in Canada.

David Bowie

I know, I’m nearly four decades late to the game. Bowie featured heavily in the Sound Opinions podcast I recommended a while back and I’ve been listening on repeat since then.

Plus he was in Labyrinth, which I recently re-watched. He co-stars with Jennifer Connelly and six hundred (or so) Muppets. How cool is that?


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