See? Parliament can work!

The Conservatives (“Warm and Fuzzy like a Sweater Vest”), NDP (“You Can Trust Us With The Keys. Honest.”), and Bloc (“Independence is Just a Metaphor”) ganged up to get Green Party leader Elizabeth May barred from the television debate.

If the characters in this unlikely alliance could keep their quirks to themselves we would have a coalition government. (cue link to Odd Couple melt-down scene)

But seriously, this is total douchebaggery on the part of the television networks and those three parties. The Green Party may not have an elected MP, but parliamentary representation is not the best measure of political power. The Greens poll well, and we can see the larger parties trying to tap those votes.

If political power isn’t influencing the establishment, what is?

That said, it’s hard to argue with Don Martin: this is a “blessing in disguise” for May. Regardless of whether she remains out of the debate, she’s already got her favourable media coverage.

(photo source)


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