Tuesday Links

Emily Yoffe spends some time in a retirement community. She discovers a philosophy regarding dating in your Golden Years which is quite similar to my own Grandmother’s:

I ask Addie and Ann if they are searching for romance, and they both adamantly shake their heads no.

Addie says that for the last two years of her husband’s life she kept him out of a nursing home by caring for him round-the-clock. Since men have a propensity to fall ill and die, she never wants to be in that situation again.

Elbow won the Mercury Prize in Britain, on which our Polaris Prize is modelled. I told you they are good.

Via ITQ, The Agenda discussed the intersection of the Internet and politics – probably for the thousandth time, but still interesting.

Stephen Harper is a lying bully. But we already knew that.


2 responses to “Tuesday Links

  1. Thanks for the link.

    “Empire of Dirt” — LOL. I love the name!

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