Is this how campaigns are won (or lost)?

The latest blunder in the gaffe-prone Harper campaign […]

That’s how the CP begins its reportage of a clash between some Harper minion and the father of a dead soldier. It’s been five days and despite their Sisyphean efforts the election narrative is being set for the Tories, not by the Tories.

The irony that the Tories intended (and I think, were expected) to win the election by setting the message more skillfully than the other parties is not lost on me.

The liberal in me is pleased, but the democrat in me feels like this unexpected turn is undeserved and not how the left should hope to diminish the Tories.

(via Andrew Coyne)

PLAGIARISM ALERT: Andrew Coyne pretty much said the same thing in an earlier post. One of the perils of RSS is that I only see one article at a time. (Uncompensated intellectual theft is probably the second-largest industry on the Internet.)


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