Changing the rules

As Mike Harris’s majority spurred called for proportional representation in Ontario, the prospect of a Harper majority in Ottawa has me rethinking the form of Canada’s federal government.

(Does that make me a sore loser? I would say no, because I haven’t lost yet.)

I spent five minutes in Wikipedia, and I think a semi-presidential system might be nice. Basically, the Governor General is elected by popular vote (perhaps with a run-off) and gets to exercise her powers without restraint. Parliament and the Prime Minister remain more-or-less in their present forms. I don’t care what happens to the Senate.

The French seem to get along fine.


3 responses to “Changing the rules

  1. What exactly is the problem we are solving here?

    Executive presidents are arrogant dictators. All of them.

    Our constitutional Monarch has evolved into a purely symbolic role, and embodies the sovereignty of the people. She does it well.

    Politicians are stripped of the majestic veneer of the state, and are left human, fallible, and accountable to Parliament. That’s how it should be.

    Actually, I fudged about the “accountable to Parliament” bit. That’s how it would be if only we had a fair voting system.

    Let’s solve real problems with real solutions, and demand a proportional voting system, like most other developed countries.

  2. “The French seem to get along fine.”

    Vraiment? Ask a Frenchman.

  3. Well I can’t argue with PR either. For all that people hate politicians though though, they sure are afraid ending majority governments elected by a minority of voters.

    About the French, I only meant they have a pretty stable government that isn’t too crazy. I’m sure the French have all kinds of issues like everywhere else though. Your country is in a strange place when there are protests for the status quo.

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