I think I’m getting all the Stages of Grief out of the way before the election. I’m already at acceptance!

Call me a quitter or a pessimist, but at least I’ll be able to function on October 15.

Reasons to not feel bad about vote-splitting on the left and the continued Prime Ministership of Stephen Harper:

  1. It is an abberation of Canadian politics. We’re still a progressive country; a northern haven of pot tolerance, income redistribution, and married gays. Harper can’t change that in one mandate. “Even facing the weakest and most ineffective Liberal party in a generation, he cannot persuade more than 40 per cent of Canadians to say they will vote Conservative.”
  2. Michael Ignatieff will be here to pick up the pieces after the Liberals finish their slow-motion implosion. I think Stephane Dion is a swell guy and it’s too bad things didn’t work out better. People say they are tired of politicians acting like politicians, but when a guy comes along who isn’t very good at it…

And if you’re a more optimistic person than I, take heart in the downward trend of the Tories’ seat projections over at democraticspace.

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