Even if I can’t force Toronto media gays to get divorced…

I can still brainwash my own children.

She praises the Harper government for getting rid of the Law Society of Canada, which first suggested that gay marriage be made legal. And she also doesn’t mind that the Tories have cut back on arts spending, which was perceived as funding cultural liberals.

But she put more stock in her family than in political parties and thinks that by teaching her children the right way to live that eventually Canada will turn around.

“My husband and I have eight children … I can raise my family to respect life. To respect family values. To encourage them to have good sound marriages and stay with their marriages and work out problems when they arise. That will be an influence in society. If we stick to our views it will have an influence down the road. In politics I’m not sure we’ll ever get what we want.”

If ever we needed a reminder of the virtues of public schools.


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