Anyone but him

There’s a certain dramatic logic to Margaret Atwood’s suggestion that voting Separatist is better than voting Conservative. After all, what point is there having a united Canada if we are left a husk of our former selves?

Well, she’s back in the Globe and Mail, fleshing out that very argument. It’s basically a laundry list of every action taken and word spoken by Harper or his marionettes that anyone of a liberal bent might find off-putting.

Sometimes Atwood goes over the top. “SPP” is to liberals what “MSM” is to conservatives: a red flag for crazy.

For me, she’s preaching to the choir, though I wish Atwood the best in her crusade against The Evil One.

And while we’re on the topic, let’s not get too worked up over the possibility of a Harper majority. Even Andrew Coyne (!) thinks there is a pretty low ceiling on Tory support. Should we get unlucky next week and unwittingly vote-split ourselves into a Harper majority, we can take solace in Harper’s preference for the long game. That means no shades-of-Harris revolutions.

P.S. They have a surprisingly blue website.


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