Everything’s going all haywire

The general election is losing its coherence. Or what little coherence it had.

It used to be all about leadership and green shifts and ATM fees. Now it’s just a mad scramble for whatever sound bites and headlines can be made over the long weekend. It doesn’t have to make sense anymore, because the other guys won’t have time to debunk it!

I think the problem is that Harper and Dion both have a lot to lose but very little prospect of anything to gain. Harper is probably not going to get a majority and Dion definitely isn’t going to be Prime Minister. But one stands to lose his job and the other stands to have his diabolical scheme thwarted once again.

For those of us paying attention, it could be an interesting weekend. I suspect most people don’t pay attention to the news when they are with family.

The latest EKOS poll, if you follow the link to the pdf, shows support pretty much where it was at the start of the race. It seems like a lot of work for such a dull outcome.


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