The newspapers endorse, sort of

The Globe and The Sun both endorsed Harper for Prime Minister this weekend. The Globe did some interesting acrobatics to justify their choice and even The Sun was not unequivocally behind Harper. Basically, they think Harper is the lesser of two poor choices.

The Star, predictably, provided a list (a la Atwood) of Harper’s evil Conservative record and implicitly suggested that whatever dysfunctional government Dion delivers will be better than the most constrained Harper minority.

So the basic difference between the two reasonable papers (let’s set aside the Sun) is that The Globe would rather have an distasteful government than no government, and The Star would rather have no government than a distasteful government.

What an unfortunate choice to have to make.

P.S. And while I say “predictably,” wouldn’t it have been crushing for Dion if even The Star suggested the smallest of minorities for Harper would be the best outcome?


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