Iceland: Eleventh province of Canada?

Iceland is in trouble. Could Canada purchase it? It would probably be a better investment than Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s a rich but small country and right now I bet it would be a bargain.

Why not? There are only 300,000 Icelanders. We already accommodate nearly that many immigrants every year, and we wouldn’t even have to move them to North America. Also, there are apparently already a number of Icelandic people in Canada, mostly in Gimli.

We share a lot of social values with Iceland, so they wouldn’t be put off by coupled gays or universal healthcare. And we would get Björk, which delights me to no end. And sure, they speak Icelandic, but this is a multicultural country and we can certainly handle one more language.

It may not be tropical like Turks and Caicos, but it’s way more interesting. I think this could be a match made in heaven.

UPDATE: Mere minutes and a few googlings later

Apparently this is not an original thought. Damn.

The idea was in a letter to the National Post a few days ago which was picked up by Matthew Yglesias.

Is it bad that I am more excited about the prospect of union with Iceland than anything that has happened in the election campaign?

Here is some non-Björk Icelandic culture:

UPDATE: One sweet link later

Invite Iceland In


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