It’s a question of when

The official opinion is quickly coalescing that Dion can’t keep quiet any longer and needs to say when (not if) he’s stepping down from the Liberal leadership. According to NP, “Rumours say Dion may resign Monday” (bad journalism and bad party behaviour is only six words), so we won’t have to wait long to find out what’s up.

Whether or not it is the right thing to do, for the party or the centre-left cause, I expect disgruntled party members will perpetuate the toxic environment of anonymous quotes and leaks as long as Dion is at the head (and the pessimist in me fears they will continue with whoever follows). At the rate things are going, the party will collapse in on itself long before that particle accellerator in Europe.

On the other hand, do we really want the Liberals to be leaderless for however long it takes to arrange another convention? The interim guy is always so forgettable. There’s something to be said for continuity, and removed from the pressure to present himself as a viable alternative for Prime Minister, Dion might actually do some good in the next few months.

Maybe on Monday Dion will announce when he’s jumping ship, but hold the helm for a few more months.


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