Everything I know I learned from WWII

The Liberals could learn something from the problems facing, of all people, Republicans.

Even if you view all of these critics and their motivations in the worst possible light, you still have to address the problems that are making them jump ship, instead of just saying “good riddance!” as they jump over the side. This isn’t David Gergen milking his “Republican” cred on the Sunday talk shows while spouting a center-left line; this is a large and diverse swathe of the right-of-center intelligentsia, and just calling them careerist RINOs in search of crumbs from the liberal table isn’t going to cut it.

This is what a lot of conservatives are going to be telling themselves after election day: That Obama cheated, that the media cheated, that McCain wasn’t a conservative anyway, and that the only reason Sarah Palin wasn’t a hit with swing voters is that the press – with an assist from conservative quislings like Frum and Brooks and Parker and Noonan – poisoned the well. And in such thinking lies the seeds of years or even decades of defeat.

Conspiracy theories about back-stabbing aren’t going to take you anywhere good or productive. You can cry about “the system” all you want, but the only things you can change are your own (and your own party’s) actions.


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