Local lols

I had a good laugh catching up with Doug Herod’s columns in the Standard.

Here is some local geekery (and I say that with all the respect in the world) that will only amuse people who have been paying attention. First, following the mayor’s $1000 bet that GO buses are on their way:

The bet: Where will the new hospital eventually go, west St. Catharines or at Highway 406 and Regional Road 20 in Thorold?

The stakes: The winner gets to annex the loser.

(For the record, I agree that GO buses are overrated. They are mostly just a means to an end – GO trains. There’s a respectability to trains you can’t get from wheels on a highway.)

Next, on the subject of NRP officers riding horses downtown:

Lewis said if the horses poop on the street, the police will leave it to Mother Nature to clean it up.

Inquiring minds now want to know: Does the city’s nuisance bylaw apply to horses?

Or is it a case where Johnny the Brock student gets hit with a $300 fine for defecating on King Street while five metres up the road Mr. Ed gets off scot-free?


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