The slow rot of Facebook

I miss the good old days.

There was a time, young children, when you needed an institutional e-mail address to open a Facebook account. It was Myspace 2.0; Myspace without the paedophiles and annoying profile music. It was a time when only your real friends were your Facebook friends. A brave new world of clean white profile pages and simple functionality. It was our social networking Google.

Now our beloved, metaphorical Google has degenerated into a bloated Yahoo portal. This is not just because of the latest, much-maligned changes to Facebook (but they don’t help). Its decline is partly due to its age; certainly, our “friend” lists have been diluted with no-longer friends, acquaintances and relatives. The casual interactions between friends, the same on the internet as in real life, have given way to micro-managed affectations of coolness and guarded conversations wary of strangers looking over electronic shoulders.

I don’t blame the people behind Facebook for making a buck (or a billion) off the site. That’s their perogative. I still use Facebook anyway, but mostly because everyone else does too. It’s becoming a necessity, like an e-mail address. If you don’t have Facebook, what are you, Amish?

It sucks though.

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