A bit of elitism I can get behind

Nickleback released a new single today with which we will all be bludgeoned into a tasteless coma by November 18, when their new album goes on sale. Summary of the single: Strippers are awesome!

The National Post’s Ampersand blog is not impressed. And rightly:

Now, we are aware that there is nothing original about trashing Nickelback, but the awfulness of Something In Your Mouth demands fresh damnation. The band’s ode to a stripper boasts lyrics that seem destined — if not designed — to become the unofficial anthem of dudes who follow creeds like “bros before hos” and, well, like Nickelback.

Go download the single (don’t pay for it!), burn it on a CD, and put the CD in your microwave. Bake for 30 seconds or until toasty.


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