Bicycle racks coming to a bus near you

The Mayor wants to see bike racks on St Catharines buses. Now that the new models are out and the whole rack-bus combination will fit in the city’s bus wash (yes, that is what was holding it back), we could actually be seeing these quite soon.

Even as a sometimes-bicycler and an obligate transit rider, bicycling to the bus stop and taking my bike with me seems like an awfully cumbersome way to get around. Granted, it is better than locking up my bicycle at the bus stop, but the size of St Catharines and the nature of the bus network means it would probably be easier to either just walk to the bus or bike all the way to my destination.

But why worry about practicality? I’m still cool with bike racks on buses. Innovative-yet-slightly-cumbersome works for the iPhone, and the kind of people who use iPhones are the kind of people St Catharines needs to attract.

Plus, the last time St Catharines was in the news, it was declared Canada’s Fattest City, so every little bit of good PR and exercise helps.

Can I also say, for a city in our sorry state, we have some excellent people at City Hall. For one thing, the fact that the mayor gets away with stuff like this without the suburbs calling for his head either means he is some kind of magician or the people of North St Catharines are less Stepfordish than I thought.

And here’s a kicker of a quote from the bike rack article (emphasis mine):

City staff have said all street parking will be banned where there are bike lanes.

A survey of residents in the affected areas showed some want street parking for visitors and holiday gatherings, and Dodge said some of them want a chance to tell council about their concerns.

Jacobson’s report says he understands the residents’ concerns about parking, but streets are for moving people, not for storing cars, and homeowners shouldn’t expect parking to be a right.

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4 responses to “Bicycle racks coming to a bus near you

  1. The main reason I voted for McMullen was because he was the only candidate to mention biking.
    Was disappointed to hear that buses were not going to get them because of the bus wash.

    However, with the size of this city, I can bike from the North-end to the South within 20 minutes and would only use the bus if I got a flat.

    I just added a bike computer to my bike recently and the majority of places are within 5km.

    And I was happy that the city didn’t cave into those on Linwell Road who wanted parking rather than a bike lane. Since they put it down, I’ve been using it quite often!

  2. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I go out on my bike by how much closer places are then I had imagined. This city is not too badly laid out for biking! There are a few places that need work, but it’ll hardly take a transformation to accommodate bikes.

  3. The layout I suppose can be odd if you drive a car, but there are plenty of side streets cyclists can take as shortcuts.

    I tend to complain about this city a lot (from a biking perspective), however the more I read about other cities the more I’m finding it one of the better cities in this country.

    And I think I jinxed myself yesterday. I mentioned about getting a flat…Got one at Currie/Facer and had to walk back to the Port Dalhousie area. I haven’t walked that kind of distance in years…Well since I started riding a bike at least.

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