A simple request

Buses in St Catharines are pretty convenient for travelling along the Fairview-Downtown-Brock axis during weekdays. If I have an armload of groceries from the Fairview Food Basics, I can show up at the bus stop confident in the knowledge that a downtown bus will be by in less than 15 minutes.

But after hours or on weekends the routes change and frequencies are reduced. Depending on where you are in the city, the next bus could be an hour away. Even for frequent destinations like the Pen Centre, I find myself forgetting when the next bus comes. A small trip can eat up an afternoon and put you in a sour mood if you miss an infrequent bus.

London, Ontario, is installing electronic information terminals at regional malls and post-secondary institutions. We don’t have a lot of trouble with late buses in St Catharines, so this high-tech approach would probably be overkill. But is it too much to ask for route-specific schedules or the whole city map to be posted at the major bus stops?

This is already done at some bus shelters, though they seem to be distributed throughout the city at random and not according to utility. There are no schedules posted, for example, at Fairview mall or the “Smart!Centre” in the west end. I think there used to be schedules at the Pen Centre, but they may now be missing or out of date… it has lately been warm enough to walk and I haven’t had reason to check.

Especially in winter, it would be nice to know when to expect the next bus, and if we have time to retreat to warmer shelter.

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