Summer 2016 is less than eight years away

The logos from 2016 Summer Olympics candidate cities have been collected over at (the?) GOOD blog. They’re all pretty good; certainly better than London 2012.

The selection of cities is excellent too: Rio, Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo.

Convenient as it would be if the Olympics went to Chicago, I think language rules it out. Would the Olympic committee grant the Summer Olympics to two English-speaking countries in a row? (Additionally, Vancouver has the Winter games in 2010.)

Madrid, similarly, is probably out of the running by virtue of geography.

Between Tokyo and Rio, I hope Rio gets it. First, Tokyo’s already had the games. Second, the games have never been further south than Mexico City, except for a couple in Australia which hardly count. Third, Rio sounds like a really cool city and the Olympics would be a great excuse to visit.

Go Rio!


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