Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario

I arrived at the AGO this afternoon to take advantage of the free admission and discovered that the entire city had the same idea. The line folded in on itself a few times along Dundas, went down McCaul, and then wound up and down both sides of Grange Road. It was really a sight to behold.

But considering the time of year, the wait wasn’t too bad. The line moved fairly quickly and we got to the entrance in about 90 minutes without losing any toes to the cold or getting soaked by rain. I took this picture from the end of the line and you can clearly see how far away we are from the AGO.

Waiting for the AGO

I’ll let others extol the virtues of the new building. Christopher Hume at The Star and Nicolai Ouroussoff at the NYTimes (via Richard Florida). (I will say this: even with the incredible crowds outside, it rarely seemed crowded inside.)

Sometime in the next few months I’ll have to go back because there was no way to see everything in a few hours this afternoon.


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