CBC Radio 2 sans Windows Media Player

Sometimes Microsoft deserves to a little slack. You don’t get to be Number One for nothing, right? On the other hand, there is no shortage of things to hate.

Like Windows Media Player. It’s choppy and clumsy and sometimes it won’t load at all when I want to stream CBC Radio 2 (and other online radio stations). So here’s a way to listen in just about any other media player:

  1. Select your preferred stream and quality from the Radio 2 website, for example, Eastern High.
  2. When the new window opens, right-click on some white space and select View Page Info (You’re using Firefox, right? You should be.)
  3. Under the Media tab, you will see a list of images and stuff found on the page. Right-click and copy the address which is labelled Embed. It will look something like:
  4. Now open that file with Notepad or an equivalent text program. It’s as easy as pasting the above address in the field File Name and selecting Open. Notepad will spit out something like:
    <ASX VERSION="3.0"> <ENTRY>
    <REF HREF="http://mfile2.akamai.com/9617/live/reflector:36813.asx?bkup=36814" />
    </ENTRY> </ASX>
  5. Copy the hyperlink between but not including the quotation marks and Open it in your media player of choice (but not iTunes). And that’s all there is to it.

Thus, if you live in the Eastern timezone and want the High quality stream, all the work is finished for you. All you only need to do is paste


into your media player.


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