Semantics and Mathematics

It bothers me too that the Tories keep describing this kerfuffle as a coup.

Let’s pretend he’s vaguely serious. If this was indeed a “coup,” would the Prime Minister not be obliged to declare martial law, call in the military and round up the leaders of this insurrection? Forget proroguing Parliament or rescheduling opposition days in the House, if the Prime Minister and his government are serious about the threat to our nation, let’s see tanks on the Hill. Anything less would be irresponsible, no?

And the media is playing along; I heard someone call it a “putsch” a few days ago. Points for creativity, but honestly, a putsch?

Coup is one of those serious words that has serious consequences and shouldn’t be used for theatrical effect. You wouldn’t call something a genocide unless it was actually a genocide.

MPs belong to a small group in society who are allowed, by law and by custom, to seize the levers of power. It’s like how your doctor gets to cut you but your neighbour does not. Now if someone came along and replaced the MPs, that would be a coup…

Finally, fulfilling the titular requirements of this post, some math:

Conservative popular vote               5,208,796
Liberal + NDP popular votes             6,148,746
Coalition + implicit support from Bloc  7,528,737
+ Green Party for good measure          8,466,350

You’re outnumbered, boys. Things which are constitutional are not necessarily democratic, but in this case the “coup” is both.


2 responses to “Semantics and Mathematics

  1. Little stevie called an election for no other reason than that he thought he could get his majority.
    After, instead of trying to work with the opposition parties, he reverted to his usual bullying.
    Now that the others are standing up to him he is in a panic as to what to do about it.
    Stay tuned for a huge concession to the Bloc to try and break up the coalition and keep little stevie in power.

  2. I’m not an angry voter. I like to think that politicians are trying their best at least some of the time, but we’re all imperfect people.

    I’m the kind of person who is inclined to think Bush II isn’t evil – Karl Rove might be evil, but Bush is just incompetent.

    Still, I cannot find any sympathy for Harper. He used up my trust ages ago, and that’s a pretty big deal.

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