More numbers (no math)

There may be more insanity than substance in this poll, but it’s good to see what Canadians are thinking nonetheless.

  • 35% – The Tories should remain the government.
  • 40% – Want change. Any change.
  • 37% – If the government falls, the opposition coalition should take over.
  • 32% – If the government falls, we should hold a federal election.
  • 25% – Huh?

(This is an online poll, which immediately marks it as dubious in my books, but Angus Reid says the margin of error is only +/- 3.1%.)

It’s pretty obvious that the country is not outraged by the socialists and separatists’ attempt to subvert democracy and overthrow Our Directly Elected Leader. The change and no-change people are statistically tied, and the people who couldn’t care less aren’t far behind.

There is some irony that not enough Canadians want a different government to make an impressive statistic, but they are numerous enough to elect themselves a majority government if they were more coordinated.


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