Outrage over…?

What is it about the Premier that makes some people so very angry? For opposition politicians, it is a part of their job, but why are non-politicians so angry? It’s not just personal disagreement, but something more personal and visceral.

The arguments against him are kind of weak. From what I’ve read, there are basically three:

1. “The government should be paying attention to the economic crisis and not teenaged drivers or candy-flavoured cigarettes.” I would hope that 107 MPPs can handle more than one legislative initiative at a time. Also, do you really want to argue that kids should be able to buy tobacco products until after the economy is back on track?

2. “The government isn’t spending enough on incentives for auto manufacturers to stay in Ontario / isn’t cutting corporate taxes enough for auto manufacturers to stay in Ontario.” This government has sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into manufacturers. Corporate taxes have not been cut, admittedly, but failing companies don’t pay taxes anyway. It’s difficult to admit and there are painful consequences, but sometimes a company just has to close down. We can’t prop up every widget maker in the province, especially if nobody wants to buy those widgets.

3. “The government is spending too much on everything!” Of course, when you ask people where cuts can be made, they suggest half-measures like MPPs’ salaries. Nobody ever says we should spend less on health and education, where most of the money goes today. Besides, unemployed people need social services more than anybody else, and there seem to be an awful lot of those lately.

You can quibble with the minutia of any particular plan to save the economy / end poverty / keep kids in school / a million other things, but it’s hard to take seriously anyone who thinks this government is the worst thing since that snake and his apples.

Now if you want to bitch about the government in Ottawa, I’m right there with you.


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