Un bombe nucleaire

Andrew Potter, in the Blackberry Roundtable:

So where does this leave Quebec? Harper has dropped a bombe nucleaire on his party’s hopes of ever winning more than a dozen seats there. He’s supposed to be a master strategist — what’s the strategy for a majority now?

My impression of Stephen Harper today is about the same as I felt about Bush and Company after 2004. I was certain they were going to “catch” bin Laden just before the election. Turns out they weren’t political geniuses after all – they were just faking it.


2 responses to “Un bombe nucleaire

  1. “For the Conservatives, the most damage in the past week seems to have come from the province of Quebec, where a plurality believe Mr. Harper should resign as leader of the party and a majority blame the Conservatives more than anyone else for the parliamentary crisis.” Dumb Harper was foolish enough to attack the coalition government blame on Quebcers and he is now continuing to pay the price for it. He Harper cannot win without the support of Quebec, east.. nor can the Liberals


  2. I think the thrust of a Chantal Hebert column a day or two ago was that this is the best thing to happen for the Liberal Party since Preston Manning.

    Of course, their track record in taking advantage of any opportunities lately has been pretty poor.

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