Tales from the Express Lane (10 items or less)

A French grocery store cashier wrote a book about her experiences which propelled her to fame and fortune.

“There are easy customers and less easy customers,” Sam wrote in a forward. “The rich and the poor, the ones with complexes and the braggarts, those who treat you as if you were transparent and those who say hello, the determined who tremble waiting for the store to open and those who show up regularly at closing time. There are those who hit on you, others who insult you. Who would say that nothing happens in the life of a cashier?”

I would like to read it, if it is ever translated into English.

My own experience working part time in a different part of a grocery store is that customers will make your day difficult, but a day without difficult customers is mind numbingly boring.


3 responses to “Tales from the Express Lane (10 items or less)

  1. Michelle Morcone

    Where can I purchase this book? My Mom is french and so I do not need it in English. Thanks.

  2. I had an aunt that worked for years in a small candy shop in a small Scottish town. She was in most things a proper Scottish lady but if you wanted to get her cranked you merely had to ask about the customers.
    The undeserving public was what she started to call them and then as she got going it got bluer till we her juniors were in stitches.
    I worked at Sears later and realized she had been right all along.

  3. The experience of working in retail must be one of those things which binds our modern society together. Even in a multicultural, bilingual country, we can all complain about the customers.

    Michelle, I believe this is her book at Amazon.fr. My French is not great, so I can’t say how simple it will be to order the book from France.

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