Goodbye Torontoist

The latest branch plant to be closed by greedy corporate America is not a manufacturer but a blog. Torontoist will go off the air in the new year.

I wonder what will fill the general-interest city-centric void left by Torontoist. BlogTO will probably benefit in the short term, and it’s hard to imagine the newspapers stepping up to the plate – The Star and G&M [1] are especially crappy at the blogging game.

[1] It is almost tragic how poorly these newspapers blog. I didn’t even realize the Globe and Mail had blogs until I googled it just now (and I spend a lot of time on the Internet). That link points to only one blog, because there does not seem to be one single page for all blogs. Of all the newspapers, the National Post does it best with Posted Toronto, though some days it seems rely too heavily on newspaper-style crime reports, sans commentary, rather than actual blog content.


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