The dynamic economic engine of Canada

Oil money makes people stupid.

Exhibit A:

Alberta will implement renewable fuel standards as part of a provincial energy strategy, the government introduced yesterday.

Premier Ed Stelmach used the occasion to once again press Ottawa for an agreement about emission targets and a seat at the table should the federal government and president-elect Barack Obama negotiate North American environmental standards.

Starting in 2010, Alberta will require regular fuel to contain 5% ethanol and diesel to contain 2% renewable diesel.

Ethanol? Someone should tell the Premier that is fashionable these days to be skeptical of ethanol’s greenness.

All that money and they go with ethanol. It makes me shake my head.


2 responses to “The dynamic economic engine of Canada

  1. Yes but look on the bright side. as North America again tries to find a way to subsidize dying car companies. The result will be fewer people alive to need all that corn for food.
    Private transport must be made, non polluting not less polluting, and physically safer for all in and around the vehicles. Ahh well tiny steps I guess.

  2. At least they’re trying to (pretend to) be green.

    Still, budget surpluses are wasted on the conservative.

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