Out-Canadianing us

Remember when American liberals were threatening to jump ship? Oh, how the tables have turned; the grass has certainly greened on their side of the fence. It’s a good time to be liberal in the USA.

(Is anyone else embarrassed that Stephen Harper is going to be the official face of Canada when Obama comes up for a visit?)

I’m concerned that the Americans, having failed to assimilate us entirely with exports of fast food and Two and a Half Men, have decided to co-opt our unique identity as North America’s bastion of liberalism. The US is poised to make progress on that which makes Canadians most smug, health care, and a number of other areas – transportation, for example – in which our liberal reputation is less deserved.

Which leads us to this: renewed interest in a high-speed rail line from New York City to Buffalo via Albany. If this line becomes a reality, it could be the push we need to get HSR finally built in Canada. We’d be fools not to plug Toronto into it.

I’ll take my trains however I can get ’em, but in my mind it was supposed to work the other way around. The Windsor-Quebec line was supposed to be the first true (sorry Acela) high-speed line in North America. It still could be, if we get our act together, but with this Prime Minister and that President, I wouldn’t bet money on our getting there first.


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